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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Routine for Today: Part 4

Part 4

Make sure you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 before this post. Just scroll down.

After my part 3 update, I ended up staying on the computer way to long. I checked on my emails again and had to reply back to a message sent so this took some time. I forget exactly the time I got off the computer maybe around 5:00 pm. Ephraim was still in his crib screaming "mommy, I wan out!" He takes long naps so this isn't unusual. I pulled him out from the crib and gave him a snack then began to straighten up a bit. I also folded a few more baskets of laundry. My kitchen table was stacked with clothes. While I was folding most of the kids were outside playing with friends and some were in and out. I think there was one on the computer. Since we only have one computer they seem to always argue as to who will go on next. I need to go back to the time limits and computer time schedule. It's been quite free lately.

At around 6:00 pm Donnie gets home from work. I am finishing up with the laundry. I still have a few more baskets to wash and fold, to be completed today. When daddy gets home the kids get very loud, asking Donnie all sorts of questions. I started to reheat the meat we were going to eat and I already had put the rice on to cook. Dinner was almost done, but Donnie was hungry so he ate some of the cold meat on a slice of bread. The littles ones were asking for popcorn and apples. I had to deny their request since we were about to eat.

I asked Donnie if I could go to a bible study which started at 7:00 pm, but he said he would prefer if I stayed home since he was planning on doing some work. As a good wife, I submitted to my husband and said "I will do what you want, honey." I did want to go but knew I needed to stay to keep the kids our to Donnie's hair. LOL

It was around 6:30 when we sat down to eat. Donnie immediately sat down at the computer desk to work away. During meal times, the kids and I love talking and laughing, just like any other family probably does. This is such a fun time for us. We do lots of laughing!! My oldest son is such a comedian. We must have sat at the table for a good 30 minutes. When dinner was over the little boys took off to play and the big kids started to clean up. Justin has dishes in the evening, Moriah has counters, and Tsavah has floors. Shiloh, clears and wipes the table.

I made Ana a bottle, changed her into her night clothes, and laid her down. The little boys needed baths so Tsavah gave Kole a bath without me asking. I didn't bathe Ephraim. I should have stuck him in the bath with Kole, but didn't. We usually do baths after dinner (Donnie gives them) but last night I didn't want to bathe them all. Oh well!! I was feeling sort of out of it last night. I don't know why? I just wanted everyone in their night clothes and in bed. So I told the little people to put on their night clothes and get ready for bed.

I don't even remember the times. I wasn't paying attention to the clock last night. I am guessing it was around 9:00 pm when Donnie calls all of us to pray and worship time as a family. We do this almost every night before bed. Anyway, before this the kids had been playing and I am guessing Justin was still cleaning the kitchen. I don't really know because I had gone to my room and laid on the bed in my pjs reading my bible and dozing off. I doubt it took Justin that long to clean up the kitchen. I am guessing the older kids were playing around also.

After family worship time we tuck everyone in and I went straight to bed. It wasn't too long before I dozed off. By this time the clock in my room said 10 pm.

Ok, so this was a sample of my unorganized, spontaneous day. Yes, there are so many more things I would love to accomplish but this is usually the norm. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and nothing extra was accomplished. This is why I get frustrated with myself sometimes or rather, this season. But then again it is just a season! And in all of this, I remain happy for the most part. Oh, and most of the time the kids and I talk alot! LOL

If after reading this you have any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment or email me. I would love any input.

Okay gotta run, I woke up late this morning at around 6:30 am that is late compared to my 4:30 am goal.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Routine for Today: Part 3

Part 3

Make sure you read parts 1 and 2 of these posts.....just scroll down!

Hey I'm back. LOL

Ok it's the afternoon now. Are you wondering how my day is going? Oh no brace yourselves, because I feel like I haven't been very productive. But then again maybe everything I have done has been worthwhile.

At 10:30 I sat down with Shiloh and taught him his school work. He still needs me to sit with him. We learned for about an hour. During this time, I also helped some other children who had questions with work, cut some apples for snack, spanked a few bottoms (the yelling at home needs to stope....ahhhhhhh!!!), listened the Algebra DVD with my son (so if he had questions, I can help him answer), gave a spelling test. Yep, all this went on while supposedly teaching JUST Shiloh. LOL I gotta laugh!!

At around 11:30 or so I went on the computer to check some email and then got caught in you would never guess where? FACEBOOK! I haven't been on there for days! A friend in need posted a message and needed to read so that is why I came on. Then I saw a comment from another friend who I haven't heard from since her moving away, so I had to go on her page and check out some of her updates. UGH!! Do you see where I can get distracted with my home management!

At around 11:45, when I finally realized I was caught up in a Facebook trance and had to get back to my routine. I then became conscious of the fact that I needed to run to the store and get milk. We were out and needed bread for the sandwiches. Good thing my grocery store is not too far. But I still felt that was way to long and would take so much time to drive there, park, walk in, grab a buggy, etc... So, I went to the gas station down the road and spent two extra bucks for the milk and bread...... I know....... I refused to drive a long distance to save time. Oh well!

During my 5 minute drive to the gas station, I called my friend Nancy to make sure she is doing ok. Nancy is my friend who is having a difficult pregnancy. Click on her name to see her blog. Anyway, I need to call her to check in. Can you believe we ended up talking for about an hour. Whoa!! I know! So I had driven to the gas station, grabbed my milk and bread, jumped in the van and drove home while still talking on the phone....blah, blah, blah! On and on! I didn't even walk into the house while I talked. The kids by then were preparing their own lunches.....The older kids that is.

I came in at around 1:00 pm and made PBJ sandwiches for the little guys. I made one for myself, sat down and opened my bible. Read some scriptures and then I had questions to the Lord. Ask Him in my mind and vocally when I went to the bathroom. I went online and looked up the same scriptures and read some commentary. Again, I was off routine doing a bible study again. You would think I would have saved it till the next day during my morning bible. Nope! I am spontaneous like this.

By 2:00 pm I cleaned up Ephraim and laid him down for his nap. I then put in another load of laundry, and I still have not folded any article of clothing. Yikes! The baskets are multiplying! I am in a blank right now with what I have done. I know there was more I did but can't remember.

At around 3:00 to 4:00 finished teaching math and read with Shiloh. Then sat with Galen and did a few books.

Now it is about 4:15 pm and I am sitting here typing this post. I know this has taken lots of my time but I wanted to give you a taste of what my days are like. If I wasn't posting I would be doing something else like maybe more schooling or folding laundry. I don't know what I would be doing. Maybe this is helping me to see that I need to set more goals or write down a to do list. I think this is what I will do then. :) Write the to do list!

Have you found that a to do check list works best for you? And do you make one everyday, like writing a fresh list of task for each day?

I have planned to reheat leftover today. I had made a large roast of meat in the crock pot last night where I used the meat for burritos. It was yummy and thank God we have left overs. Saves me from cooking. The kids and Donnie have youth group tonight (Donnie teaches the middle school kids at church) so I know this will put them out of the house by 6:00 or so. I best get moving. Lots of laundry to fold and clean up a bit.

The kids are outside playing with friends and Ana is crawling all over the place. Tomorrow, our first day of Hanukkah begins and if you are interested reading up on this check my other blog Joyful Mother these next few days for updates. We usually celebrate 8 days before Christmas with our last day being Christmas Eve!

Ta DA alllll!

BTW....if there are any typos....sorry, I didn't proofread! Not much time for that!

My Routine for Today: Part 2

Part 2

Make sure you read Part 1 fist!

It is now about 10 am and this is what has happened since ending my posting time at around 7:30 this morning.

Talked to my husband for about an hour. During this time Ana woke up and she hung out with us as we talked. This isn't part of my routine, so I never know when it will happen. There are many times Donnie and I don't get to talk in the evening so we make up for it in the morning hours. It usually happens when he is getting ready for work. This morning he ironed his shirt so this saved me some time.

After our conversation at around 8:30 am, I made Ana a bottle and changed her diaper. The kids sat down for the breakfast Moriah made....Peach Crumble....she saved me a piece. I am looking forward to eating this soon with a cup of coffee. mmmmmm good! During the kids breakfast time, I got dressed, made my bed, picked up my room, and put away some laundry that was sitting in a basket. Donnie walks in during this time and asks if I can pluck his eyebrows. LOL I know! He usually does this on his own. I told him he needs to wax. LOL

After tending to my honey love, I dressed Ephraim and changed his diaper. Immediately after this I heard crying and fighting. Yep, our first sibling feud took place at around 9:15 am. One of the brothers hit his sister with a nerf gun dart. Boy oh boy! Then I had to ask the questions..."What happened? Why did you do this? How hurt are you? Give me the gun! Ok, no more of this!" I check to see how bad it was and sister ran off to her bedroom. Yep it was one of the girls! She is fine. She woke up with a chip on her shoulder this morning. :)

After the dispute, I proceeded with my morning of putting a load of laundry in and then getting the older kids settled down for their bible study. This morning they did a study on "God's love through You". PERFECT! For what just took place 10 minutes before....LOL :) During their bible study, I loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed some pots. I enjoyed this time of dishes while listening to this series. Some great truths of loving others was taught.

During this time, the little boys were playing with each other....some play inside and some outside.

Now it's about 10:15 am and I am about to corral everyone in to start school. I will probably check the laundry and fold a basket full. I am a bit behind this week, so trying to catch up. I will also change the baby and lay her down for her morning nap. Of I go and I will post in a few hours when I feel led.

Blessings to you all!

My Routine for Today: Part 1

Part 1

For this week's post, I thought of jotting down the course of my day. Yes, all the good and ugly will be posted. Maybe it will keep me a bit accountable. :)

Today is a Wednesday. I had a decent night sleep last night and my alarm clock went off at about 4:30 am. Did I wake up with a smile on my face? No! I hit snooze until about 5:00 am. I woke up thinking about the word of God. Yeah, this is how the Lord gets me stirred up to actually wake up. I start thinking of waking and then scriptures come to mind. I then feel encouraged enough to wake up and seek those scriptures out. Thank you Lord for being the best alarm clock ever! :) If I ignore it...He quits waking me and then I have weird dreams. Yeah, I know, It's strange.

Anyway, I woke up at around 5 am and just sat on my couch with my two bibles in hand (KJV and NKJV). The quiet of the morning was so so nice. I love my mornings! I took snooze a bit and then I prayed a little. But most of time the Lord just spoketo me in my heart and yes, I speak to him with my thoughts. You know what I'm saying? I am thinking and through these thoughts I commune with the Lord. I do this and speak with my actual voice also. Does this sound strange? Oh, I hope not. :)

I flipped my bible over to Titus and started to read but the Lord told me He wanted to talk. I knew in my heart that if I tried reading the bible I wouldn't really get anything. I know that sounds rather odd but when the Lord wants to "talk" you know it's best to listen. He talked to me about things that have been bothering me in my heart. I realized I wasn't having faith. Which then turned into a conversation about knowing Him and I wondered or rather asked Him how many people actually even understand who He really is. Interesting conversation I had with the Lord this morning.

At 5:30 I made myself coffee and breakfast and tuned into my favorite bible study. I do this online. I listen for about 45 minutes. Today the topic of study was called "Self-Centeredness the Root of all Grief". Ouch! Yep, I was convicted. I realized a lot of the issues I've been dealing with have been related to pride. If you met me you wouldn't think that it was so. When I mean by "pride", I don't mean I am better than everyone else. Pride is simply being self-centered. Focused to much on "ME" and my issues or my problems or my house and how it isn't this or that. You get my drift? Oh read Proverbs 13:10, it says....ONLY pride is the source of contentions, etc...

At 6:30 I went online and checked my emails and my blog comments. Went on a few blogs and made a few comments. Oh, back track at bit.....I woke Moriah up since she makes breakfast for everyone in the morning. SO, so thankful for this! The ugly part of this morning was Moriah and I got into it a bit. I was typing this very post and she comes to me and wants to check something out on our one computer and I get upset because she is taking "MY" time away from posting. LOL. Here is the prideful me getting in the way. She was upset at me and of course I said "You shouldn't speak to your mother this way. You know this is my time!" I know, I was nasty. :( I'm ashamed to say.

Just now she came up to me and said she was very sorry for acting the way she did and I apologized also. It is 7:30 am This is all I will post as of now because my husband is starting to wonder when I am going to get off this computer and tend to the house. The other kiddos are going to start waking soon and I need to get lots done.

My goals for this morning up till lunch:

get dressed
clean up my bedroom
vaccum bedroom
feed baby
dress baby
get the little boys dressed
Put a load of laundry in
fold some laundry
Most likely iron my hubby's shirt
clean up the kitchen mess (since Moriah cooks, I told her I will clean up)

This should take me up to lunch. I will try to update later today on my day.

So enjoy your morning!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Focusing to much on my faults

I realized yesterday as I walked through my house that I have been focused on the flaws of my daily life. This has been bringing me down in my heart as far as my abilities as a homemaker.
Yes, managing my home is a daily challenge. I feel at times it is the hardest thing I am currently doing.

I am a visionary and have no problem laying out my ideal plan. The problem lies in actually taking action in my plan. I don't know how to go about solving the problems. I don't know how to take the first step in fulfilling my goals. Yes, I've made lists, schedules, organizing lists, etc.... but I just get so overwhelmed in the thought of "Where do I begin".

I walk throughout my home grumbling about this or that and why this isn't happening or why I can't figure this whole thing out. I then start snapping at the children and blame them for not being obedient or making a mess ALL THE TIME, all day long. I really become an outright "ugly" person.

But thanks be to God, for His love and forgiveness and when I walk in the knowledge of His abundant love for my life I manage to figure some things out through the Holy Spirit. But still....I am not even close to where I want to be.

I then look at the season of life I am in. I have lots of little children running around everywhere and have a baby who is at my every beck and call. Much of my time is spent just maintaining and this is what frustrates me. When I look at the bigger picture (on my good days...LOL) I can honestly say "This is a season. This will soon pass."

I can't beat myself up about having a messy house almost 24 hours a day, dirty clothes which multiplies (I turn around and they're back in the dirty clothes again. How does that happen?), Dirty dishes love hanging out in the sink for some reason, and why are my kids always arguing with each other. It can be so hard to be a mom!

After all my focus on the negatives, the Lord told me to outright stop looking and magnifying the negative and look at the positive of what is going on. I need to not walk in condemnation, but look at everything through the eyes of love, gratitude, grace, and mercy.

So what if my walls have cracks in them or my furniture doesn't match. Thank you Jesus for a home and furniture to sit on! So what if my yard has toys that weren't put away and have been sitting there for weeks now. Thank you Lord for a yard my children can play in! So what if my grout in my shower is growing mold (yeah, yuck). Thank you Lord for a place I can shower!! So what.....but THANK YOU LORD!!

When I say "So What!!", it isn't that I don't care. The Lord said I do love and care for my home but I need to become aware that this is a season in my life and to not beat myself up about my mess ups.

I am thankful that in my ugliness of flesh the Spirit of God within me can bring peace to my heart and tell me that I am truly a Joyful Mother and do have things together (even when I don't see it right away)!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are the Desires of your Heart?

I wasn't sure what I was going to title this post. I thought of a few titles:

"Called to be a Mom"

"Seasons of Life"

"Your Identity in Christ"

I guess all these titles sum up what is on my heart today and has been for quite a few years. The Lord has brought it more into perspective the past few months. I've been meditating on a few scriptures lately.

One is Romans 12:1-2

1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Another is Psalm 37:4

4 Delight yourself also in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

How do these scriptures speak to me? First, to become that living sacrifice is to empty yourself of all desires that you may have or think you have that you might think are from the Lord. I'm not saying that desires you have had since youth are not from the Lord but sometimes they are not who God has called you to be. We may think it is, but how are we going to be certain? Thus, this is where the empting out of all our desires comes into play. Yes, ALL desires!!

The second scripture speaks loudly to my heart and spirit. I never have seen this scripture as such. I have always believed that when we delight in the Lord He will give us our desires we already have. Desires could be a large family, to stay at home mom, to homeschool, to work, to pursue a certain job or profession, to marry a certain young man, or to even marry at all. These are to just name a few. I know these are a few of desires that are usually in a heart of a woman of God.

The way God has revealed this scripture ties into the way I view Romans 12: When we empty ourselves to become a living sacrifice for the Lord and willing to give our whole being unto Him for His purpose, we then are delighting in the Lord. We are allowing Him permission to fill us up with His desires, not our own!! He now has an empty vessel to fill; To make us into whom He wants us to become. In this place we find our identity in Christ. By allowing this we then are not Christians who look the same, act the same, and dress the same. We are not following a sect of people, a doctrine, a belief, etc.... but we are following the Lord for who He wants us to become in this life.

I find such freedom in this truth. This also reminds me of the ever so popular scripture regarding our children...

Proverbs 22:6

6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

I teach this to my children. What attracted me to homeschooling was the thought of "training" my children in the purpose that God had for them. Training them up in the callings and giftings of the Lord. As my children are getting older and becoming more aware of their relationship with the Lord, I daily encourage them to seek the Lord so He can tell them what He has created them to become. By seeking Him and delighting in the Lord, He will fill their hearts with desires. I find such joy to know that maybe God might call some of my children not to marry and devote their whole life to missions or the works of God (even though my mother's heart would say "I want grandchildren!" Yes, maybe one of them might be a daughter or son who has been given a delight to stay single and not marry, but give them a heart and life completely to the Lord. A daughter's work might not be in the home, but thousands of miles away in a remote village in Africa caring for orphans or teaching high school students the word of God. Yes, this brings me great delight!! You know why? Because I know they would be doing the Lord's perfect will. This is my desire for my husband and I, and for all our children.

When we come to the Lord, we naturally come with our agendas (desires) already. Some of those desires may be God given and will become stronger as we delight in Him. Then there are those desires that may soon be something of the past. These same desires will supernaturally disappear without us even realizing it. These can then be seen as "seasons of life" And yes, there are times when God calls us to do something and that season comes to an end. It happens to many of us in life.

It excites me to become aware of the fact that God may have new desires for us and those longings we thought we had might not be God's purpose for our lives. This is another way to be led by the Spirit of God. He leads us by giving us desires, and giving us peace in the midst of those desires.

There are many Christians who jump from job to job; activity to activity; town to town and not understanding where they belong or where God is calling them to be or who He wants them to be. I know because I was one of these Christians. Yes, I "sought" the Lord but never emptied myself completely to allow God and His will to take shape and mold me. I guess I can say I was led by doctrines, movements and what have you, thinking that maybe if I did this or didn't do that I was doing what God wanted me to do. And yes, there were also those seasons of life....

In some seasons I was led by the flesh and not by the Spirit of the Lord. I was following man or someone else's "word of the Lord" and not really seeking God for His ways. Yes, there are many out there who are following a "way of life" or a doctrine, and maybe thinking that is the "way" to the Lord or that is what God wants them to do. Maybe it might make them look more "godly" in the way they act, look, dress, way they worship, how they educate their children, how many kids they have or should have, I can go on....but you get what I'm saying.

My heart is not to put anyone down for what God has called them to do. I am just passionate for mothers, teens, and all families to empty themselves out of what they see around them (yes, even in the Church or christian circles/community) and delight in the Lord and allow His perfect will to take shape. We are not all called to be the same in the Kingdom of God and this is what the world needs to see. That God has a perfect will for each of our lives!!

Lastly, when we are doing God's perfect will there is a peace, joy, love, our needs and wants our supplied, health (no stresses or frustrations in His will), and all good things. And do you know what life Eternal is (John 17:3).....To KNOW the Father, and the Son who He sent!! To know Him!! When we know Him, we then walk in the fullness of His will for our lives.

I will end it here because I am ever so passionate in finding God's perfect will and could keep typing about this important subject! I encourage you to do the same--Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!! He will not disappoint you!!



PS: Sorry about the typos and grammar errors. I just read this again and found more....oh well. Not going to fix them. :) I know you still love me. :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Discouragement vs. Blessing

I know I am not the only one in life who feels discouraged at least once per week. Here is what goes through my mind during those times......

1. I feel like my house is always a WRECK
2. Laundry never is caught up. There is always some sort of growing pile in my laundry room.
3. I have no time to do "projects"
4. Am I doing enough for the kids schooling?
5. I hardly play with the little ones.
6. Why do I get so distracted?
7. When do I get MY time!!!???

Ok, not to bum you out or myself, let me list those things that are positive....on the days I am feeling good and my reality of my life :)

1. I love my quiet time with the Lord
2. I love talking to my kids about the Lord and life.
3. I love laughing and hanging with my older kids.
4. I am so blessed to have such beautiful, wonderful, caring, loving, children.
5. My kids are healthy!!
6. My husband loves me so much and never once complains that the laundry is not done or serving sandwiches for dinner.
7. I have such great friends.
8. I have a great church.
9. I am growing in the Lord with leaps and bounds. I 'FEEL' it.
10. With homeschooling I get to mold the children and train them up in their gift and callings.

I could go on!! But I'll stop right here.

I guess, when I am feeling bummed a bit, I need to list those good things in life.

On a side note:

My good friend has been coming over and helping me organize. It is so wonderful to have her come and bless me like this. We've been working in my kitchen. She spends a couple of hours with me. We chat and organize. HOW FUN IS THAT!!??

Here are some of my cabinets we tackled last week. I love opening up my cabinets and actually finding my salt, chili powder, and other spices. So now I don't have my meds and oregano right next to each other. ha ha ha!! Yeah, it was bad. I am a bit ashamed. :( These are the areas I would just ignore and tell myself "I'll get to it when I have some time to spare."

I don't have any before pictures just after. I know my cabinets look somewhat bare, I have to shop this week. These cabinets are only for those foods I need for the week. I have a large shelf where I store stockpile canned goods and other foods. Actually this shelf is bare also. Yep, when the budget is tight you can't stockpile much. :(

(Top shelf-pasta noodles, middle-pasta sauce, rice, drink mixes; lower-my baby goods)

(Top shelf- extra goods; middle-canned goods; lower-peanut butter, daily lunch stuff)

(Top shelf-Misc and some stock pile; middle-beans, packet spices; lower-non daily spices)

(Top shelf my meds, middle -my baking ingredients, lower- my daily spices)

Just got a call from my friend and she says she is going to look for more storage containers for me. Isn't she such a blessing. Thank You Lord for awesome friends!!!

Have a wonderful week!! Love you guys :)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep has become a Joy!!

Do you want to meet a mother of eight children who has no earthly idea how to grocery shop and prep good meals? You have come to the right place. It's me!!! Aren't you glad you came by to visit my home today? Oh, golly geee...I know you can't stop loving me and my flaws.

These flaws are transparent. I am exposing them in hopes of later reading this blog in a few years, or maybe a few months down the road when I have been completely transformed into.....Ta Da....Martha Stewart!!

No.....wait.....hmmmmm.......Better Yet.....Rachel Ray....!!! Yeah, she is way more prettier.

Not that I think Martha is ugly...she looks awesome for a woman her age. I really do like her voice. I sort of want to be soft spoken like her.......ok, why on earth am I day dreaming of becoming like Martha Stewart.....HELLO......SOMEONE JUST SLAP ME WITH A FRYING PAN!!

Take a walk down memory lane with your good friend Chris. I will show you how my grocery shopping days have looked like. Oh no Must I expose this disturbing truth?


Here I am waking up and thinking...."hmmmmm.....we have no food....yep, grocery shopping day is today and I don't have one iota what I am going to make tonight or better yet for the rest of this week. I call my hubby and ask him "Hey babe, what is our grocery budget for the next few weeks" He gives me a total and think "Ok, I think I can work with this"....then praying to God for wisdom.

Now I am off to "plan". I stand in front of my stove, look up at my cookbooks, ponder....should I, shouldn't I, should I ..... use those cookbooks. Nah!! Better idea....the computer has plenty of recipes for me to pull from. I click on my emails read some mail that came in, return some mail, check some blogs......oooops... I'm supposed to be making a menu. Yikes!! I blew it again.... slap, slap, and slap again.

I then go on to one of those recipes sites, like recipezaar. I click on some and surf around for the perfect meals. I really don't want to make tacos and spaghetti again....please no!!! I want to show my family I can COOK! After a couple hours of searching, I am utterly exhausted and my eye balls are absolutely, cherry red from staring at the screen for two hours. I look down at my list of meals and think "Now I have to make the grocery list. Yuck!!" I take 30 minutes to make the list. I know, way to long!!!

Ok, that's done. Oh, wait....I have to save some money, so I pull and clip coupons. By this time, I have spent almost three or so hours just planning for my meals for the next few weeks. I'm sure it will get better, once I get to the store. :)

Off I go....with a few kids in tow. I drive by my regular Grocery store that is 5 minutes from home, but decide to drive 30 minutes to Super Walmart!! Brilliant!! Remember.....I WANT TO SAVE MONEY!!! I arrive at Walmart and start my shopping. Three long hours with two carts later I finally come to check out. I'm worn out, my kids are worn out and now we need something to eat because we are starving. I then spend 15 bucks at Mc Donalds. ha ha much for saving money at Walmart.....ha ha ha!!

Once I get home it's time to unload the van...thank God for children who don't mind helping. We get the groceries pulled out of the bags and now I have to figure out where to put them. What a trip!! This is why I loathe grocery shopping. I don't know how to do it.

So to say all this. A few weeks ago, I was not looking forward to my next shopping trip and I decided to join What do I have to loose!!! For $5 a month I get 7 recipes, and a grocery list to my store that is just 5 minutes down the road. The meals are all planned around the sales the store is having for the week. Yes, I spend a little more than what they say because I have to feed 10 of us. So, I add the extra money......but you know what????? It is so worth it and I am enjoying meal times. And yes, shopping too. Even though this past week, I felt like I spent a bit to much time there. Oh well....I'm learning!!

I feel like I am doing something really good for our family. Meal times are so important to me and I feel like I was failing miserably in this area. Even though I'm not using my creative juices to "invent" meals or what have you, but at least I'm happy, and in turn makes everyone else happy. Plus, they look forward to sitting down and eating. I even ask the kids to pick a meal from the menu as to what they want to eat that night. Thus far.....100% of the meals have been so yummy!!

And best of all.....I am learning how to cook. Yay!!! I was telling my husband that this is like discipleship in cooking. I have something to bounce from. I am learning and we are all happy.

Soooooo.....If you sometimes struggle with meal time....I Highly recommend....e-mealz!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taking Time to Sit at His Feet

Believe me...I am getting better.

You might ask....what are you talking about?

I am talking about my diligence in managing this large family of mine. Boy, it can be hard work. I tend to sometimes shut in and try to DO IT ALL myself. I then walk around grumpy because NO ONE IS HELPING. Hello? Of course no one is helping because I haven't asked.


These are my daily mind struggles. I know for some of you this might be so easy to handle. Truly.... I can now relate..... just a bit to how my mother might have felt. She rarely asked us to help and then she would walk around grumpy and YELLING at us for not helping. You know what? I tend to do the same. I remember refusing to be like my "mother". I REFUSED to manage the home like her. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom :) She just didn't know how to teach us to do basic housekeeping.

I find myself doing the same thing. Yes, I have dusted my CHORE PACKS off for the millionth time! Yes, I have the kids help!! But I tend to not be consistent. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! CONSISTENCY is a MUST. But why do I keep stumbling. LORD HELP!!

Guys, I hate to be so negative but I am just sharing my struggles as a mom. I have read the books, I have done the chore charts, I have read almost everything that is out there.!! I think I have some deeper issues to deal with. :( Oh, I have to do some deep soul searching LOL!

I know the Lord in His great mercy is sitting on my couch just watching me walking around unorganized and not knowing where to begin. He probably has a smile on His face and just waiting for me to come to Him and let Him give me the answers I've been searching for.

"Lord, I've been to you so many times. Why can't I get it!! What is the deal with me! I need to obey, I know!!"

I haven't allowed the Lord to really minister to me in this area. It's like you have a child that you obviously know needs to be taught in say cooking, and when you instruct him or her, they are not really receiving all your instructions. They are so quick to get up and go. Well.....this is me!! Yep, I will sit at His feet about this issue for so long (a few minutes) and not allow Him to minister to me completely. I get up and go before He is finished instructing me. Do you see the picture I am trying to paint? So when this "child" tries to make the meal, they mess up the recipe and then comes crying because they "messed it all up". Reality is that they didn't mess it ALL UP, they just added that extra cup of sugar or forgot to put in the egg.

I need to take the time to sit at His feet and have Him minister to me. As I am typing this, I'm thinking "When am I going to have the time to do this." Ooops!! Instead of typing on this blog, I guess I should have been with the Lord. Actually, typing this out has helped me see my problem. :)

Thanks for hanging in with me and following my life :)

Love Ya,


Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to Fridays

I've decided to switch my deep cleaning days to Friday.  For some reason or other, Mondays were not working out as I planned.  I thought having the big cleaning day be on Monday would make my week easier coming back from the weekend.  Unfortunately it hasn't.  I found that I would still use Friday as a somewhat cleaning day also.  I can't afford to take two days off during the school week.

My sweet friend came on Friday and she deep cleaned my refrigerator and two of my cabinets.  I felt bad because I basically stood around and told her what to do.  She didn't mind though.  She was there to serve and didn't want me to get off focus with other things I had to do.  Sooooo while she cleaned, I checked school work.   I did somewhat help by throwing out the old food jars, etc...

I feel so blessed to have my wonderful friend come and help me.  She has been such a blessing to my family.  She is an amazing woman of God.  She is one of my top friends whom I sit and talk about the Lord with.  Yep...non stop.  We don't "surface" talk much.  Our conversations are very deep when we are together.  Since knowing her, I have grown so much in the Lord.  She is such an encouragement and example to me.  Before knowing her, she once worked as a family doctor and when she started having children she chose to leave her practice and stay home with them.  She has homeschooled her boys for years (they are older now), but now with much prayer she has put them in school.  I am so impressed by the fact that she would leave a high paying job to pursue those things that matter in life, FAMILY.   She is now seeking the Lord as to what her next phase in life will be.   She has not just touched my life, but many women's lives in our church and community.  She definitely has a heart like Jesus.  There isn't one day where she isn't out driving someone to a doctors appointment, helping them, visiting them daily at the hospital, counseling them.  Blessing them in so many ways.  She goes, goes, goes....Amazing.  I am so thankful she is my friend!!  :)

PS  I will have to post some pictures next time.

Till Then have a happy week :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feeling a bit better

Ok, so this past week was literally a week from..........  I don't know what came over me.  I really do think it was PMS.  I felt so overwhelmed about every thing.  I did have a few decent days.  I only check my email once and I didn't even go on Facebook or other's blogs.  I had to force myself to stay focused.

This past Friday, I was again, a blubbery mess.  Ahhhhhhh......Lord I need your help!!  I didn't do much but fold laundry.  No I wasn't on the computer at all.  I just didn't have much joy.  I had to be in the Lord's presence all day to not feel like I was going to bite someone's head off.  I was a very ugly person Friday.  I didn't know what I was going to make for dinner.  We usually eat pizza on Fridays but I didn't even want to think of making it.  Actually my daughter makes it, but still......Just the thought of her doing it was overwhelming.

Donnie's mom and Grandma calls in the afternoon and want to take us out to dinner.  Guess where?  The local pizza place.  Yay!!  God is so faithful and knows just when I need Him to show up.  Thank you Lord.

Oh and I do have another praise report.  This week as I was feeling very overwhelmed.  A friend of mine calls up and says she wants to commit herself to helping me on my cleaning day and help me clean and organize for a couple hours.  This means every week she will come and help!!  Wow......truly, God's love and showing He cares for me.  I am in awe of how awesome He is and how He comes through.

I am determined this week will be a blessed week.  I think my friend and I are going to tackle the kitchen cabinets and get those organized and cleaned.  I'll have to snap some before and after pics so you can see the difference.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tales of an Unorganized Housewife

I should rename my blog:  Tales of an Unorganized Housewife.  Ha ha!!  I've been feeling quite like this lately.   Everywhere I look there's a mess.   I've even had visions of Super Nanny coming to the rescue.  I've had visions of TLC, Trading Spaces coming in and revamping my home.  Or, better yet...Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover Home Edition saying "Good Morning, Tuttle Family!!"  Ha Ha!!

I realized that I have not been very diligent and focused with my hours the Lord has given me.  I could spend plenty of time chatting on Facebook, checking emails, or doing other types of "research" on the computer.  I could spend hours reading my bible!!  I would love that!!  But reality is---I CAN'T!  I have a house to manage and maintain.  Kids to teach!!  Plenty of that to go around, right?  I seriously need to get organized!!  I complain to my husband  "We just need to hire a housekeeper!!"  "I feel like I am being pulled all sorts of directions.  I don't even know if I'm called to this.  Let's put them all in school!!  I don't know where to begin:  Shower,  fold laundry cook, school, chauffeur, iron work clothes.....HELP!!"  

I know I sound like a mess.  I really think it's PMS.  Ha ha.  But wait, before you all come to my rescue.  I know what the answer is.....Throw myself at the Lord's feet.  He is the ONLY ONE to show me exactly what I need to do.  I do need to obey Him to enter into the REST he has for me.  I was reading in Hebrews today of how he has promised His children REST.  There is a rest that only comes from Him and only by obedience.  The way to this Rest is to DILIGENTLY OBEY.  Boy, I don't like that word, DILIGENT  :)  Being diligent sounds to hard.   But you know what.....Diligently obeying is the key to answering mostly all our problems.  If you know what the Lord's will is for your life..... when you obey what He has asked from you WILL ENTER into that Promised Rest....ahhhhhh!  Thank You Lord. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Kitchen Sink and everything in between

You know...... I just love a clean, shiny kitchen sink. It makes me feel like I have a home that is put together and in order. I love schedules and routines it keeps my family functioning at top levels (somewhat). If you are a regular visitor of this blog you might think "she is always talking about schedules, routines and home order." I sound like a broken record....don't I? This is the purpose of this blog. To share my journeys of schedule, routines, and home order or the LACK OF IT. :)

The lack of it....can that possibly be true?

I feel like this is how I've been functioning the past month or so. Soooooo, I am going to give you a peek into my "not very scheduled life"

5:00 Alarm clock goes off.....I hit snooze.....5 minutes later, it goes off again.....I hit snooze once again.....5 minutes later, I glance at the time and talk myself out of getting up....I hit snooze again...5 minutes later, the alarm is calling my this time I am forced to wake up because my babym, who sleeps next to me in her little crib, is now awake and crying because my alarm clock woke her up.....ugh!!

5:30 Make a bottle....feed the baby....I fall asleep while feeding her....realized I fell asleep, the baby finishes her bottle and oops....I need to wake up.

6:00 SO now I am an hour off "schedule". GREeeeeaaaaaT!!! I am not going to get mad...I have the peace of God :)

6:05 Walk in the kitchen, start my coffee (can't stay awake if I don't), make some breakfast, check some emails before turning on some bible teaching on the computer.....Start listening.

7:00 Just listened to some teaching and have so much enjoyed my time. So, by this time I know I should be waking the kids and have already gotten myself dressed and ready to go. But....I love the quietness of the home and I really don' I don't....want to wake the kids. I wait to wake them.

7:30 One of the little boys comes out to the family room.. Then another,....and then another. They are still quiet and sleepy. By this time....I realize....I'm a bit behind. Quickly get dressed, make my bed, start breakfast, change some diapers....

8:00 Older kids are getting up.....I know we should be eating breakfast by this time.....oops. I start to tell them to hurry up and not waste time....(sergeant mommy begins her drills).

So in between the time they awake until school begins, we are getting ready for the day. Between these times....I have spanked a few kids, stopped a few fights, started some laundry, fed the baby, inspected a few chores which need to be done again.....etc.

We, somedays, begin schooling at 10:30.....Homeschooling then feels like it has taken over my life. I take deep breaths and think "Maybe tomorrow....." Tomorrow what? I'll be more punctual? I'll stay on schedule? So then I say "Maybe one day...."

At the end of each day....I realize this is season of my life. No, my home doesn't look like the the pictures out of Southern Living magazine, or the other homeschool mom's house whose youngest child is 13 yrs old or the mom whose children go to school all day and she has time to work on home projects. Nope!!!! If you visit my home it usually has dishes in the sink, handprints on the walls, and toys on the floor. I have chosen not to get upset about the dirt on my walls, the pee smell in my bathroom, the stains on my carpet. I'm not even going to get upset about the lack of time or money to decorate or buy new furniture...nope. I am going to rejoice in the Lord Always and know.....just know.....that one day my home will look presentable and I will be able to buy the new furniture. :) And just maybe it might look like those pictures in the magazines. :) I love to dream!!