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Friday, November 6, 2009

Discouragement vs. Blessing

I know I am not the only one in life who feels discouraged at least once per week. Here is what goes through my mind during those times......

1. I feel like my house is always a WRECK
2. Laundry never is caught up. There is always some sort of growing pile in my laundry room.
3. I have no time to do "projects"
4. Am I doing enough for the kids schooling?
5. I hardly play with the little ones.
6. Why do I get so distracted?
7. When do I get MY time!!!???

Ok, not to bum you out or myself, let me list those things that are positive....on the days I am feeling good and my reality of my life :)

1. I love my quiet time with the Lord
2. I love talking to my kids about the Lord and life.
3. I love laughing and hanging with my older kids.
4. I am so blessed to have such beautiful, wonderful, caring, loving, children.
5. My kids are healthy!!
6. My husband loves me so much and never once complains that the laundry is not done or serving sandwiches for dinner.
7. I have such great friends.
8. I have a great church.
9. I am growing in the Lord with leaps and bounds. I 'FEEL' it.
10. With homeschooling I get to mold the children and train them up in their gift and callings.

I could go on!! But I'll stop right here.

I guess, when I am feeling bummed a bit, I need to list those good things in life.

On a side note:

My good friend has been coming over and helping me organize. It is so wonderful to have her come and bless me like this. We've been working in my kitchen. She spends a couple of hours with me. We chat and organize. HOW FUN IS THAT!!??

Here are some of my cabinets we tackled last week. I love opening up my cabinets and actually finding my salt, chili powder, and other spices. So now I don't have my meds and oregano right next to each other. ha ha ha!! Yeah, it was bad. I am a bit ashamed. :( These are the areas I would just ignore and tell myself "I'll get to it when I have some time to spare."

I don't have any before pictures just after. I know my cabinets look somewhat bare, I have to shop this week. These cabinets are only for those foods I need for the week. I have a large shelf where I store stockpile canned goods and other foods. Actually this shelf is bare also. Yep, when the budget is tight you can't stockpile much. :(

(Top shelf-pasta noodles, middle-pasta sauce, rice, drink mixes; lower-my baby goods)

(Top shelf- extra goods; middle-canned goods; lower-peanut butter, daily lunch stuff)

(Top shelf-Misc and some stock pile; middle-beans, packet spices; lower-non daily spices)

(Top shelf my meds, middle -my baking ingredients, lower- my daily spices)

Just got a call from my friend and she says she is going to look for more storage containers for me. Isn't she such a blessing. Thank You Lord for awesome friends!!!

Have a wonderful week!! Love you guys :)



Mrs. Taffy said...

Good Job Christine! Funny! I just did a blog post with pictures of my cabinets too!! Funny right? My theme was different though! It's so nice to have organized cabinets isn't it? You to have a wonderful friend! I bet she's getting as much out of it as you are...from another organizer--It's SO FUN to clean out somebody elses cabinets!! Bless you Friend!

keepingitonthedownlow said...

There is something incredibly liberating and relaxing about a clean house

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Those cabinets look great! What a blessing your friend is.

L.H. said...

Great post! I have to remind myself of the positive things too b/c all the other "things" can overwhelm me and throw me into a very bad place!

I like your list!

Sounds like some friend...tell her she can come over here and help me anytime!:)