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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Viewing my laundry room video

The Video is made Public now!!

I don't know what happened yet again. Sorry!!

Just for those who came to my blog and wanted to view the video but didn't leave a comment, I'm sorry but it was set on private. I disabled the privacy and now it is public.

Now you can try viewing it again. If you still have a problem please let me know.


Here it is again!! I had to embed it again, maybe this was causing the problem. And you can read the original post below if you haven't been on my blog yet and this is your first time viewing the video.

Tour of my laundry room

I've been tackling my laundry room lately. What fun!! I've done a few new things to ease the clutter and make clothes management easier. Remember, laundry is one of those household chores which needs MAJOR CONTROL. So are you ready for this??? I am taking you on a very short tour of my laundry room today and have a few pictures of the projects. I've been good about keeping the laundry maintained which is a big change for me. So I guess I am feeling excited and wanted to share what I've done. :) LOL

If you have any tips to share please leave them with your comments. You know me.....I can always use tips. :)