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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Routine for Today: Part 4

Part 4

Make sure you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 before this post. Just scroll down.

After my part 3 update, I ended up staying on the computer way to long. I checked on my emails again and had to reply back to a message sent so this took some time. I forget exactly the time I got off the computer maybe around 5:00 pm. Ephraim was still in his crib screaming "mommy, I wan out!" He takes long naps so this isn't unusual. I pulled him out from the crib and gave him a snack then began to straighten up a bit. I also folded a few more baskets of laundry. My kitchen table was stacked with clothes. While I was folding most of the kids were outside playing with friends and some were in and out. I think there was one on the computer. Since we only have one computer they seem to always argue as to who will go on next. I need to go back to the time limits and computer time schedule. It's been quite free lately.

At around 6:00 pm Donnie gets home from work. I am finishing up with the laundry. I still have a few more baskets to wash and fold, to be completed today. When daddy gets home the kids get very loud, asking Donnie all sorts of questions. I started to reheat the meat we were going to eat and I already had put the rice on to cook. Dinner was almost done, but Donnie was hungry so he ate some of the cold meat on a slice of bread. The littles ones were asking for popcorn and apples. I had to deny their request since we were about to eat.

I asked Donnie if I could go to a bible study which started at 7:00 pm, but he said he would prefer if I stayed home since he was planning on doing some work. As a good wife, I submitted to my husband and said "I will do what you want, honey." I did want to go but knew I needed to stay to keep the kids our to Donnie's hair. LOL

It was around 6:30 when we sat down to eat. Donnie immediately sat down at the computer desk to work away. During meal times, the kids and I love talking and laughing, just like any other family probably does. This is such a fun time for us. We do lots of laughing!! My oldest son is such a comedian. We must have sat at the table for a good 30 minutes. When dinner was over the little boys took off to play and the big kids started to clean up. Justin has dishes in the evening, Moriah has counters, and Tsavah has floors. Shiloh, clears and wipes the table.

I made Ana a bottle, changed her into her night clothes, and laid her down. The little boys needed baths so Tsavah gave Kole a bath without me asking. I didn't bathe Ephraim. I should have stuck him in the bath with Kole, but didn't. We usually do baths after dinner (Donnie gives them) but last night I didn't want to bathe them all. Oh well!! I was feeling sort of out of it last night. I don't know why? I just wanted everyone in their night clothes and in bed. So I told the little people to put on their night clothes and get ready for bed.

I don't even remember the times. I wasn't paying attention to the clock last night. I am guessing it was around 9:00 pm when Donnie calls all of us to pray and worship time as a family. We do this almost every night before bed. Anyway, before this the kids had been playing and I am guessing Justin was still cleaning the kitchen. I don't really know because I had gone to my room and laid on the bed in my pjs reading my bible and dozing off. I doubt it took Justin that long to clean up the kitchen. I am guessing the older kids were playing around also.

After family worship time we tuck everyone in and I went straight to bed. It wasn't too long before I dozed off. By this time the clock in my room said 10 pm.

Ok, so this was a sample of my unorganized, spontaneous day. Yes, there are so many more things I would love to accomplish but this is usually the norm. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and nothing extra was accomplished. This is why I get frustrated with myself sometimes or rather, this season. But then again it is just a season! And in all of this, I remain happy for the most part. Oh, and most of the time the kids and I talk alot! LOL

If after reading this you have any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment or email me. I would love any input.

Okay gotta run, I woke up late this morning at around 6:30 am that is late compared to my 4:30 am goal.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Routine for Today: Part 3

Part 3

Make sure you read parts 1 and 2 of these posts.....just scroll down!

Hey I'm back. LOL

Ok it's the afternoon now. Are you wondering how my day is going? Oh no brace yourselves, because I feel like I haven't been very productive. But then again maybe everything I have done has been worthwhile.

At 10:30 I sat down with Shiloh and taught him his school work. He still needs me to sit with him. We learned for about an hour. During this time, I also helped some other children who had questions with work, cut some apples for snack, spanked a few bottoms (the yelling at home needs to stope....ahhhhhhh!!!), listened the Algebra DVD with my son (so if he had questions, I can help him answer), gave a spelling test. Yep, all this went on while supposedly teaching JUST Shiloh. LOL I gotta laugh!!

At around 11:30 or so I went on the computer to check some email and then got caught in you would never guess where? FACEBOOK! I haven't been on there for days! A friend in need posted a message and needed to read so that is why I came on. Then I saw a comment from another friend who I haven't heard from since her moving away, so I had to go on her page and check out some of her updates. UGH!! Do you see where I can get distracted with my home management!

At around 11:45, when I finally realized I was caught up in a Facebook trance and had to get back to my routine. I then became conscious of the fact that I needed to run to the store and get milk. We were out and needed bread for the sandwiches. Good thing my grocery store is not too far. But I still felt that was way to long and would take so much time to drive there, park, walk in, grab a buggy, etc... So, I went to the gas station down the road and spent two extra bucks for the milk and bread...... I know....... I refused to drive a long distance to save time. Oh well!

During my 5 minute drive to the gas station, I called my friend Nancy to make sure she is doing ok. Nancy is my friend who is having a difficult pregnancy. Click on her name to see her blog. Anyway, I need to call her to check in. Can you believe we ended up talking for about an hour. Whoa!! I know! So I had driven to the gas station, grabbed my milk and bread, jumped in the van and drove home while still talking on the phone....blah, blah, blah! On and on! I didn't even walk into the house while I talked. The kids by then were preparing their own lunches.....The older kids that is.

I came in at around 1:00 pm and made PBJ sandwiches for the little guys. I made one for myself, sat down and opened my bible. Read some scriptures and then I had questions to the Lord. Ask Him in my mind and vocally when I went to the bathroom. I went online and looked up the same scriptures and read some commentary. Again, I was off routine doing a bible study again. You would think I would have saved it till the next day during my morning bible. Nope! I am spontaneous like this.

By 2:00 pm I cleaned up Ephraim and laid him down for his nap. I then put in another load of laundry, and I still have not folded any article of clothing. Yikes! The baskets are multiplying! I am in a blank right now with what I have done. I know there was more I did but can't remember.

At around 3:00 to 4:00 finished teaching math and read with Shiloh. Then sat with Galen and did a few books.

Now it is about 4:15 pm and I am sitting here typing this post. I know this has taken lots of my time but I wanted to give you a taste of what my days are like. If I wasn't posting I would be doing something else like maybe more schooling or folding laundry. I don't know what I would be doing. Maybe this is helping me to see that I need to set more goals or write down a to do list. I think this is what I will do then. :) Write the to do list!

Have you found that a to do check list works best for you? And do you make one everyday, like writing a fresh list of task for each day?

I have planned to reheat leftover today. I had made a large roast of meat in the crock pot last night where I used the meat for burritos. It was yummy and thank God we have left overs. Saves me from cooking. The kids and Donnie have youth group tonight (Donnie teaches the middle school kids at church) so I know this will put them out of the house by 6:00 or so. I best get moving. Lots of laundry to fold and clean up a bit.

The kids are outside playing with friends and Ana is crawling all over the place. Tomorrow, our first day of Hanukkah begins and if you are interested reading up on this check my other blog Joyful Mother these next few days for updates. We usually celebrate 8 days before Christmas with our last day being Christmas Eve!

Ta DA alllll!

BTW....if there are any typos....sorry, I didn't proofread! Not much time for that!

My Routine for Today: Part 2

Part 2

Make sure you read Part 1 fist!

It is now about 10 am and this is what has happened since ending my posting time at around 7:30 this morning.

Talked to my husband for about an hour. During this time Ana woke up and she hung out with us as we talked. This isn't part of my routine, so I never know when it will happen. There are many times Donnie and I don't get to talk in the evening so we make up for it in the morning hours. It usually happens when he is getting ready for work. This morning he ironed his shirt so this saved me some time.

After our conversation at around 8:30 am, I made Ana a bottle and changed her diaper. The kids sat down for the breakfast Moriah made....Peach Crumble....she saved me a piece. I am looking forward to eating this soon with a cup of coffee. mmmmmm good! During the kids breakfast time, I got dressed, made my bed, picked up my room, and put away some laundry that was sitting in a basket. Donnie walks in during this time and asks if I can pluck his eyebrows. LOL I know! He usually does this on his own. I told him he needs to wax. LOL

After tending to my honey love, I dressed Ephraim and changed his diaper. Immediately after this I heard crying and fighting. Yep, our first sibling feud took place at around 9:15 am. One of the brothers hit his sister with a nerf gun dart. Boy oh boy! Then I had to ask the questions..."What happened? Why did you do this? How hurt are you? Give me the gun! Ok, no more of this!" I check to see how bad it was and sister ran off to her bedroom. Yep it was one of the girls! She is fine. She woke up with a chip on her shoulder this morning. :)

After the dispute, I proceeded with my morning of putting a load of laundry in and then getting the older kids settled down for their bible study. This morning they did a study on "God's love through You". PERFECT! For what just took place 10 minutes before....LOL :) During their bible study, I loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed some pots. I enjoyed this time of dishes while listening to this series. Some great truths of loving others was taught.

During this time, the little boys were playing with each other....some play inside and some outside.

Now it's about 10:15 am and I am about to corral everyone in to start school. I will probably check the laundry and fold a basket full. I am a bit behind this week, so trying to catch up. I will also change the baby and lay her down for her morning nap. Of I go and I will post in a few hours when I feel led.

Blessings to you all!

My Routine for Today: Part 1

Part 1

For this week's post, I thought of jotting down the course of my day. Yes, all the good and ugly will be posted. Maybe it will keep me a bit accountable. :)

Today is a Wednesday. I had a decent night sleep last night and my alarm clock went off at about 4:30 am. Did I wake up with a smile on my face? No! I hit snooze until about 5:00 am. I woke up thinking about the word of God. Yeah, this is how the Lord gets me stirred up to actually wake up. I start thinking of waking and then scriptures come to mind. I then feel encouraged enough to wake up and seek those scriptures out. Thank you Lord for being the best alarm clock ever! :) If I ignore it...He quits waking me and then I have weird dreams. Yeah, I know, It's strange.

Anyway, I woke up at around 5 am and just sat on my couch with my two bibles in hand (KJV and NKJV). The quiet of the morning was so so nice. I love my mornings! I took snooze a bit and then I prayed a little. But most of time the Lord just spoketo me in my heart and yes, I speak to him with my thoughts. You know what I'm saying? I am thinking and through these thoughts I commune with the Lord. I do this and speak with my actual voice also. Does this sound strange? Oh, I hope not. :)

I flipped my bible over to Titus and started to read but the Lord told me He wanted to talk. I knew in my heart that if I tried reading the bible I wouldn't really get anything. I know that sounds rather odd but when the Lord wants to "talk" you know it's best to listen. He talked to me about things that have been bothering me in my heart. I realized I wasn't having faith. Which then turned into a conversation about knowing Him and I wondered or rather asked Him how many people actually even understand who He really is. Interesting conversation I had with the Lord this morning.

At 5:30 I made myself coffee and breakfast and tuned into my favorite bible study. I do this online. I listen for about 45 minutes. Today the topic of study was called "Self-Centeredness the Root of all Grief". Ouch! Yep, I was convicted. I realized a lot of the issues I've been dealing with have been related to pride. If you met me you wouldn't think that it was so. When I mean by "pride", I don't mean I am better than everyone else. Pride is simply being self-centered. Focused to much on "ME" and my issues or my problems or my house and how it isn't this or that. You get my drift? Oh read Proverbs 13:10, it says....ONLY pride is the source of contentions, etc...

At 6:30 I went online and checked my emails and my blog comments. Went on a few blogs and made a few comments. Oh, back track at bit.....I woke Moriah up since she makes breakfast for everyone in the morning. SO, so thankful for this! The ugly part of this morning was Moriah and I got into it a bit. I was typing this very post and she comes to me and wants to check something out on our one computer and I get upset because she is taking "MY" time away from posting. LOL. Here is the prideful me getting in the way. She was upset at me and of course I said "You shouldn't speak to your mother this way. You know this is my time!" I know, I was nasty. :( I'm ashamed to say.

Just now she came up to me and said she was very sorry for acting the way she did and I apologized also. It is 7:30 am This is all I will post as of now because my husband is starting to wonder when I am going to get off this computer and tend to the house. The other kiddos are going to start waking soon and I need to get lots done.

My goals for this morning up till lunch:

get dressed
clean up my bedroom
vaccum bedroom
feed baby
dress baby
get the little boys dressed
Put a load of laundry in
fold some laundry
Most likely iron my hubby's shirt
clean up the kitchen mess (since Moriah cooks, I told her I will clean up)

This should take me up to lunch. I will try to update later today on my day.

So enjoy your morning!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Focusing to much on my faults

I realized yesterday as I walked through my house that I have been focused on the flaws of my daily life. This has been bringing me down in my heart as far as my abilities as a homemaker.
Yes, managing my home is a daily challenge. I feel at times it is the hardest thing I am currently doing.

I am a visionary and have no problem laying out my ideal plan. The problem lies in actually taking action in my plan. I don't know how to go about solving the problems. I don't know how to take the first step in fulfilling my goals. Yes, I've made lists, schedules, organizing lists, etc.... but I just get so overwhelmed in the thought of "Where do I begin".

I walk throughout my home grumbling about this or that and why this isn't happening or why I can't figure this whole thing out. I then start snapping at the children and blame them for not being obedient or making a mess ALL THE TIME, all day long. I really become an outright "ugly" person.

But thanks be to God, for His love and forgiveness and when I walk in the knowledge of His abundant love for my life I manage to figure some things out through the Holy Spirit. But still....I am not even close to where I want to be.

I then look at the season of life I am in. I have lots of little children running around everywhere and have a baby who is at my every beck and call. Much of my time is spent just maintaining and this is what frustrates me. When I look at the bigger picture (on my good days...LOL) I can honestly say "This is a season. This will soon pass."

I can't beat myself up about having a messy house almost 24 hours a day, dirty clothes which multiplies (I turn around and they're back in the dirty clothes again. How does that happen?), Dirty dishes love hanging out in the sink for some reason, and why are my kids always arguing with each other. It can be so hard to be a mom!

After all my focus on the negatives, the Lord told me to outright stop looking and magnifying the negative and look at the positive of what is going on. I need to not walk in condemnation, but look at everything through the eyes of love, gratitude, grace, and mercy.

So what if my walls have cracks in them or my furniture doesn't match. Thank you Jesus for a home and furniture to sit on! So what if my yard has toys that weren't put away and have been sitting there for weeks now. Thank you Lord for a yard my children can play in! So what if my grout in my shower is growing mold (yeah, yuck). Thank you Lord for a place I can shower!! So what.....but THANK YOU LORD!!

When I say "So What!!", it isn't that I don't care. The Lord said I do love and care for my home but I need to become aware that this is a season in my life and to not beat myself up about my mess ups.

I am thankful that in my ugliness of flesh the Spirit of God within me can bring peace to my heart and tell me that I am truly a Joyful Mother and do have things together (even when I don't see it right away)!