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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Kitchen Sink and everything in between

You know...... I just love a clean, shiny kitchen sink. It makes me feel like I have a home that is put together and in order. I love schedules and routines it keeps my family functioning at top levels (somewhat). If you are a regular visitor of this blog you might think "she is always talking about schedules, routines and home order." I sound like a broken record....don't I? This is the purpose of this blog. To share my journeys of schedule, routines, and home order or the LACK OF IT. :)

The lack of it....can that possibly be true?

I feel like this is how I've been functioning the past month or so. Soooooo, I am going to give you a peek into my "not very scheduled life"

5:00 Alarm clock goes off.....I hit snooze.....5 minutes later, it goes off again.....I hit snooze once again.....5 minutes later, I glance at the time and talk myself out of getting up....I hit snooze again...5 minutes later, the alarm is calling my this time I am forced to wake up because my babym, who sleeps next to me in her little crib, is now awake and crying because my alarm clock woke her up.....ugh!!

5:30 Make a bottle....feed the baby....I fall asleep while feeding her....realized I fell asleep, the baby finishes her bottle and oops....I need to wake up.

6:00 SO now I am an hour off "schedule". GREeeeeaaaaaT!!! I am not going to get mad...I have the peace of God :)

6:05 Walk in the kitchen, start my coffee (can't stay awake if I don't), make some breakfast, check some emails before turning on some bible teaching on the computer.....Start listening.

7:00 Just listened to some teaching and have so much enjoyed my time. So, by this time I know I should be waking the kids and have already gotten myself dressed and ready to go. But....I love the quietness of the home and I really don' I don't....want to wake the kids. I wait to wake them.

7:30 One of the little boys comes out to the family room.. Then another,....and then another. They are still quiet and sleepy. By this time....I realize....I'm a bit behind. Quickly get dressed, make my bed, start breakfast, change some diapers....

8:00 Older kids are getting up.....I know we should be eating breakfast by this time.....oops. I start to tell them to hurry up and not waste time....(sergeant mommy begins her drills).

So in between the time they awake until school begins, we are getting ready for the day. Between these times....I have spanked a few kids, stopped a few fights, started some laundry, fed the baby, inspected a few chores which need to be done again.....etc.

We, somedays, begin schooling at 10:30.....Homeschooling then feels like it has taken over my life. I take deep breaths and think "Maybe tomorrow....." Tomorrow what? I'll be more punctual? I'll stay on schedule? So then I say "Maybe one day...."

At the end of each day....I realize this is season of my life. No, my home doesn't look like the the pictures out of Southern Living magazine, or the other homeschool mom's house whose youngest child is 13 yrs old or the mom whose children go to school all day and she has time to work on home projects. Nope!!!! If you visit my home it usually has dishes in the sink, handprints on the walls, and toys on the floor. I have chosen not to get upset about the dirt on my walls, the pee smell in my bathroom, the stains on my carpet. I'm not even going to get upset about the lack of time or money to decorate or buy new furniture...nope. I am going to rejoice in the Lord Always and know.....just know.....that one day my home will look presentable and I will be able to buy the new furniture. :) And just maybe it might look like those pictures in the magazines. :) I love to dream!!




Mrs. Taffy said...

Ah! That's not so bad! I can see that kitchen cleaned up in NO time! Enjoy your children, that is more important!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Those first pictures look like that home is not lived in. The last pictures look like a functioning home. It looks like people live, eat, love, laugh and work there. It looks wonderful to me!

I'm glad my home looks "normal".

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your typical day sounds so much like mine and I only have two kids! I'm so glad to know that we're normal. LOL!