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Friday, July 3, 2009

Keeping up with Laundry, not the Joneses

I was wondering what I was going to type this week. I guess we'll discuss laundry. Ah, my favorite past time of all times! Who doesn't love doing laundry? Hmmmm?

Actually, it isn't all that bad when you keep up with it. I rather enjoy folding laundry. I like the smell of clean clothes and I like looking down into an empty basket knowing the day's laundry has been completed. The one thing I don't enjoy doing is putting clothes away. This is something my kids do for me. Each child, with the exception of the the short ones, put their own laundry away. I wash, fold and they put it away.

The key to keeping the clothes manageable is doing them every day if you are a large family, and folding it at a specific time during the day or folding it as soon as it dries. I've tried both. For some reason I can't keep to my scheduled "folding time" which is in the afternoon. I might have to schedule this in the morning...we'll see. Since schools been out, I've been washing and folding as I go and then having the children put their clothes away. So far it's been working more baskets of clean unfolded laundry or baskets of dirty, stinky laundry.

To manage, I usually do about 2-3 baskets of laundry daily. If I don't wash clothes for a few days....I regret it later. If I can wash on a daily basis it doesn't become an untamed mountain of clothes. So I've decided to treat laundry management like my kitchen cleanup. After every meal, we wash dishes, wipe counters, sweep floors, etc... If I tackle laundry like a chore that MUST be done every single day then I guess it seems more manageable. I guess, I've always viewed laundry as one of those chores that when it's overflowing then I do it. I found I treat some of my household chores like I still have four people in our family. I don't know why, it's really strange. I do this with time management as well. Alright, alright....I am learning. Slap! I know I have eight kids, not two. Wake up Chris...HELLO!

So, I finally got it!! Beeeee Con-sis-tent! Aha!! Not hard. Ok, we'll see what happens after this holiday weekend. He, he!!!

(laundry room--before)

(Laundry Goodwill pile was in the upper lft corner bags and boxes of stuff!)

(laundry room--after....ahhhh, no more dirty clothes, floor still needs more order... that will soon come to pass...for now this will do)

(laundry room--after...notice my Goodwill corner...I am down to one small bag that needs to be filled and sent away to Goodwill..need to find a place for the baby tub. I do use it...just don't like it in my bathroom)



Mrs. Taffy said...

Okay, since we were at the beach this week my laundry room floor is covered with sand...not literally but enough that it's sticking to my feet and keeping me OUT of there. I was getting behind, but like you, I like to do laundry every day. So, this morning I had to bring down the shop vac and vacuum the floor and the inside of the dryer, this while the floor was covered with clothes, so the the whole ordeal took a while. But I'm happy to report I'm almost done washing and drying and putting away (my older children do that too--even the 6 year old!). Good job! I think you have a very nice laundry room!

Those baby bath tubs are sure handy, but impossible to find a place to put...I was trying to think of a suggestion, but I have none! :o) Happy Independence Day!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You and I do laundry exactly the same way! I do 2-3 loads a day. I fold the clothes as they are coming out of the dryer.

Kids put them away. I hate putting them away.

You can see my laundry room on my blog under my labels "laundry" or "organization"