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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dustin off my Chore Packs

First things first....getting the children back on board with their chores. Yep, with school being done, long summer days, and feeling like we're still on vacation, we as a family can fall into "lazy mode". Who wants to do anything when friends are ringing doorbells at 9 AM. Yeah, they come earlier everyday....geeze, don't their parents give them chores....LOL. My kids feel like they need to be out the door as soon as their buddies come knockin'. They do try to sneak out without me noticing....nope doesn't work. "Did you do your chores!!?" I ask with a frustrated voice. Of course they didn't. Mooooom has not been putting those nifty Chore Packs up, so why do they have to do chores.

There you have it....true confessions of the frazzled homemaker!! No wonder I've been feeling overwhelmed. I've been doing it all myself and the kids walk around and make messes. "Help me Lord"....Aha!!!.....the Chore Packs!!! YES!! They are sitting in my junk box collecting dust. I need to pull those out.

So yesterday, I went on the Managers of Their Home Chore Ware site and made up new Chore Packs for the children. Today we were back on track. I have to admit, Chore Packs have been the best investment I've made yet. They are so easy to use and really do work. The key is to be consistent.....Making sure the kids are doing them daily and mom doing inspections. Easy as that!!! Riiiiight!! I guess it is easier said than done. I am still working with being consistent. LOL

Today was a productive day. The children were excited about starting their chores again and Mom has realized....."I can do this after all". I can manage my home and my children. Yay!!! (can you tell I had a good day...he he he he)


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