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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting on A Routine

For this week's post I am going to discuss getting on a routine. This is very important for the entire family. I am preaching to myself here. Children as we all know, thrive on routines. For some reasons though, my children don't understand the importance of this. I daily tell them "Ok, get started with your chores." or "Come on, don't wait for mommy to tell you" or "How come you are sitting on this couch and 30 minutes have passed and you are still haven't even started?!" By this time, I am a bit flustered with them.

Let me fill you in on a little secret...shhhh....i do the same. Yes, I confess, I am not the greatest schedule or routine keeper. I don't blame my children when they basically are following after mommy. "I Know God, you told me to get up at 5 am this morning." God, speaks to me like this. He is my coach and I love Him for this. He tells me to get my butt up from bed and hang out with Him in the mornings. But when I disobey, boy oh boy, do I feel it later. Not that the Lord is correcting me...or maybe he is. He is just making me walk out the consequences of what happens when I am not sensitive to hear Him and obey him in this area of my life. Basically what happens is things around hear get a little bit ....just a tiny bit....teeny wheeny bit....Can you read this small writing...Chaotic!!! Ok well maybe I am exaggerating just a bit.

I guess in my eyes, I see these giant mountains of messes. I see the tiniest specks on the walls. I see my children acting like a bunch of jungle animals swinging on trees....well, actually they do this get my picture. Now what was I discussing? Ahhhh, yessssss, Routines. So very important to wake up when the Lord says or else you will have children who swing on trees. Seriously though, to survive living in a large family or really any family, we need to not take staying home for granted. God has given us this opportunity to train up our soldiers for battle. To train them to be the best that they can be. You are training them to join the Army, or is it the Marines. LOL....actually my oldest son does want to become a marine.

Running a home is not a thing you do flippantly. It takes much prayer and guidance as to what to do each and every day...each and every minute. With the more children being added in the home. The home becomes sort of like a 24 hour school. Sometimes I feel like I have a 24 hour daycare or I am a sergeant at boot camp...."Alright....MOVE IT, MOVE IT....GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 20!! You might laugh, but I have done this with my teenager. There are times where he needs to exert energy so I tell him to run a block or two and sometimes do push ups. Does he, not always. I guess because most of the time I am joking.

Back to running the home....... Routines are a must! Break them up into blocks. For example: morning routine, after breakfast, afternoon routine, dinner routine, bedtime routine....etc.. you get your routines down, then you time them to see how long it takes to: Get up, make coffee, do a bible study, computer time (which I have limited myself to 30 mins which is not enough time..working on this though) or what ever you have planned into your routine.

I actually have taken my daily routine and put times next to them. For example....

5:15 Got up
5:28 Made coffee and breakfast (mine--children are not up this early)
5:30 ate breakfast and listened to my favorite preacher
6:15 Prayed
6:30 Computer time.

This helps me to see how long a task does take and to help me manage my time.

Speaking of time....yikes...I should be making kids breakfast right now but I am posting this.

Alright gotta run.....until then

Chris, who will be joining my kids in the trees......


Mrs. Taffy said...

I know what you mean about the importance of routines. Routines come so naturally to me! But, I have a husband who, by nature, likes the chaos of flying by the seat of his pants, or maybe it's swinging through the trees! :o) We are a good match, he keeps life interesting, I keep life organized!

Even with all of our moving around, I always return to basically the same schedule and I think or maybe hope, that adds some stability to their life. The little ones really seem to thrive with a predictable schedule don't they?

Good job getting up early! I do too and I love those quiet moments in the morning: Me, the Lord and my coffee...ahhh!

Blessings Chris!

Chris said...

My hubby is the same. I would say I personally do better with a routine. But I can quickly fall into the no routine mode when he's around. The kids also. I guess this is why my Mondays are very's from taking a long weekend break with daddy around.

The Lord and the coffee....yes, the best.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just wanted to say how much I appreciated you taking the time to comment on the QF post. I couldn't agree more. We have to be both in the Word and the Spirit.You view on this issue seems very balanced.

Also wanted to tell you about my cooking from scratch series I'm currently posting on my blog. There are some time and money saving tips on there that you might enjoy. These tips are a big part of what keeps my home running smoothly.

God Bless!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...


This post is great! I found myself relating to the drill Sgt.! I have a very simple routine and yet, they are the same as yours. They start drawing or something and the next thing you know they completely forget about their chores. I have now started taking 15 minutes off of their bedtime for each chore that hasn't been completed by 8:30 a.m. We homeschool at 9:00 a.m., so it still gives them a bit of transition/playtime. I can't wait till they figure this out on their own and I don't have to discipline them for it.